Reboot First responders is a 12 week critical incident stress and trauma healing course.  We are currently offering this program in person, beginning Thursday January 11 2024 in Barrie.   This course serves Law Enforcement and 911 Operators along with their families. 

REBOOT is a movement of peer-led, faith-based trauma recovery courses with over 400 locations across the US and 11 countries and over 20,000 graduates.  Our courses combine the science of trauma recovery with Scripturally based conversations, as we have found that trauma exposure often catalyzes faith questions that need to be addressed. One of our courses, First Responder REBOOT(, came from a program that was developed for combat veterans and their spouses to help address both the post-traumatic stress injuries and the 'soul wounds' associated with their service experiences.  We recognized that critical incident stress, compassion fatigue and moral injury events also impact first responders and their spouses, so we translated the course into their culture and language in 2019 and have found it meets the needs of responders (law enforcement, fire service, EMS, emergency communicators) and their spouses in ways many other traditional post-traumatic stress approaches do not.  Spouses often participate to help rebuild lines of communication and understanding that so often break down. The course meets over 12 weeks, with each week taking on a topic common to the first responder experience, like forgiveness of self and others, processing grief and loss, identity, depression and suicide prevention and managing big emotions like anger.