"We believe building a stronger faith, builds stronger families, supporting stronger cops""

In 2010 we started planning out first ever "10-7" retreat.  Since then we have held nine annual retreats with officers from all over Canada in attendance.  We have provided resources to officers and their spouses.  We have helped officers connect with counselors approved through their services E.A.P, but who also share their faith.

We received a generous monetary gift that is helping cover the cost of our Charitable Application.If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us and we will have a member of our Board of Directors respond. 

Our Charitable Application was submitted in 2019.  By November we had received a letter stating that our application was denied, and that we had the chance to defend.  We submitted more information to defend our application specific to the advancement of religion and our financials at the end of November and are awaiting response.  

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