In 2010 we started planning out first ever "10-7" retreat.  Since then we have held seven annual retreats with officers from all over Ontario in attendance.  We have provided resources to officers and their spouses.  We have helped officers connect with counselors approved through their services E.A.P, but who also share their faith.

Recently we received a generous monetary gift that will help us the cost of application for charitable status.  If you are interested in helping in this way or have questions about this, please direct your questions through our Board of Directors.

CCP Ministry
7801 5th Line, Angus ON L0M 1B1

We are a volunteer based organization, we are not professional counselors.  We are sworn officers and their families.  We believe in God and the Bible in its entirety.  We don't believe we should be defined by the statistics of divorce and suicide that plague our career.