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Cold Case Christianity


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For the first thirty-five years of his life, J Warner Wallace was a devout athiest.  After all how can you believe a claim made about an event in the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence?

Then Wallace realized something.  Christianity was a lot like the cold cases he solved as a homicide detective - cold cases that turned out to have enough evidence, eyewitnesses, and records to solve. When Wallace applied his skills as an expert detective to the assertions of the New Testament, he came to a startling realization; the case for Christianity was as convincing as any case he'd ever worked as a detective.

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We are a volunteer based organization, we are not professional counselors.  We are sworn officers and their families.  We believe in God and the Bible in its entirety.  We don't believe we should be defined by the statistics of divorce and suicide that plague our career.